Healthy living through self-massage
Using patience and gentle pressure these delightful little massage balls made of rubber can ease their way into the soft tissue of the body. Breaking up adhesions and helping tight or tense muscles to let go, the Rollit Therapy Balls are a must-have for anyone interested in self-care.
Not too hard or too soft
The Rollit Therapy ball is just the right amount of firmness. This allows you to take your time and allow the magic to happen as the ball slowly eases into the areas of your body that are needing release.
2.5 inches
Comes as a pair with a mesh bag
2.75 inches
Comes as a pair with a mesh bag
3.5 inches
Single ball
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A division of Boundless Yoga, , Rollit Therapy is based on decades of experience, comprehensive anatomy knowledge and a desire to help people find some relief from muscular discomfort.